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          Kbans international forwarding service

          We can provide series of services, such as booking, trailer, interior packing, customs declaration, insurance, etc in one company.
          There are thousands of fleets, real-time SMS reminder tracking, and insurance rates to show you the shipment detailed information.

          Kbans cargo agent

          About Kbans 琪邦國際物流公司

          Shanthai Kbans international cargo agent is a international company focusing on
          cargo shipping. Kbans especially concentrates on cargo shipping and has a lot
          of experiences.

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          • Transparency fee

            avoding fake and
            expensive trap.
          • personal service

            Kbans provides one-to-one service
            focusing on professional serivce.
          • Professional service

            Provides you the most up-to-date
            sailing schedules and door to door

          Kbans Exclusive Customized Forwarding Service System

          According to visual data analyze controling, Kbans provides our customer real-team tracking information. In order to make a good experience on international cargo service.

          • Cellphone real-time tracking

            Professional messages delievery covering on multiple fields to precisely tracking

          • Forwarding shipping price

            Refuse fake price,Refusing fake price. We display true price information on our page.

          • Email feedback

            Forwarding location tarcking and notice by email.

          • Import information update

            Professional Customs Clearance supporting system. Customers can easily view all the information at any time.

          Kbans Forwarding Agent Association Partners

          Kbans has cooperated with more than 100 forwarding agents from different countries and we promise to provide an international high standard of cargo agent in the world.